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From Winter to Spring - Crunch Survival Tips

With such tight times, good news is you can be fashionable and pocket-wise.

How? Fret not, I am not sending you on a hunting trip through gigantic piles of second-hand clothing. We are working with what you have in your closet that can be resuscitated for spring.

Leather jackets - I am taking my last season ones plus a recent 40 euro find, and they will be paired with blouses and t-shirts during the day. Cocktail hour sees me teaming these jackets with feminine dresses for the coolest edge.

T-shirts - I am grabbing odd pieces of fabric, making simple bows and with a couple of stitches they go onto shoulders, close to your heart, at the bottom (left or right, you choose) or at the centre of the back. Bows are big this spring. Guys, winter shirts can be worn with rolled-up sleeves, so fresh, so now.

Jeans - Boyfriend jeans also get rolled-up, and if you dare, cut them calf-length for a sharp and so St. Tropez look.

And it is all colour-colour-colour...especially for someone Fashion Limbo recently styled, "Sabine", there is no excuse so pump up the pigments!!

Picture: Fornarina

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