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I normally wear make up during the day, but lately I'd rather have a more natural look, avoiding any fond-de-teint, but whenever I do, there is always someone pointing "how tired" I look. How can I make a light look bright and healthy? Sandrine

It tends to happen, doesnt it? we love to look more natural but as soon as we meet someone they might as well compare us to a zombie! Basically, the easiest way to go "au naturel", whilst keeping luminosity is to never forget about blush. A faint rosy pink can do wonders, and it is key to bring brightness.

Also, a bright coloured lipgloss such as Lustreglass in Pinkarat by Mac will lift your lips just a few shades.

Remember that a good transparent mascara goes a long way.

If you still look a bit grey invest in a good brown eye-liner (going lighter if your skin is quite fair), and very subtibly light up your eyes in a very natural way.

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