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Crying Fashion

Fashion Limbo has been a fan of VV Brown since we first saw her on the Jools Holland show last year. We have been in love with her single Crying Blood, and now we simply cannot keep the secret that we have a true style icon in the making. She is one of the most stylish girls belonging to those retro tribes that make London so much fun (gosh how we miss the City in the sun).

Who? Vanessa Brown, mainly know as VV Brown, is a London based retro-pop singer, one of the latest starts of the indie scene, she is set to make it big this year.

VV Brown and fashion? she has already been featured in many magazines, fashion icons such as Vogue are wanting her as cover girl. Her beautiful complexion and extremely long legs have caught the attention of many designers and she has even appeared in a Nokia campaign.

Her style? Retro mini dresses, sequined leggings and her iconic hairstyle are all we can think about right now.

Picture: VV Brown

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