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Hot Trend: Harem Trousers

They have been around for a while, as the trendiest fashionistas began experimenting with them last year, but it is this summer when this style is either going to make it or break your closet. Zara have even stocked-up on quite an affordable and laid-back type, while examples by Diane von Furstenberg and American Retro are more tailored and dressy.

The key? Keep the look simple. Overloading it with accessories, belts and complicated patterns will not work. So easy and simple does it: team with a slim top, something light accentuating your chest curve and how this line slims down to your waist.

The best look? With so many fabulous heels out there, this is where you should make the statement: pair with platform sandals for a killer effect. Scared of heights? a fancy flat pump can also look great.

Picture: Ralph Lauren

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