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Armani's Face Fabric - How Nude Can You Go?

It's happened to all of us: a few hours at work and we begin to feel the weight of our expensive and supposedly light eye-shadow, our lids are sticky and heavy. The shared office air leaves your make-up melting and we look waxy and tired. Armani cosmetics range has a product that may just be the thing for us yearning for a lighter yet flawless look: Face Fabric

At Fashion Limbo we loved the texture. As at the start it seemed like a normal fond deteint, but as soon as we rubbed it into our skin the texture transformed into a velvety thin, extremely light coat of colour. We wore it alone and it felt like wearing nothing at all. The result? We felt fresh-faced and had a lovely boost of brightness and natural colour to our skin.

We loved - The colour palette Face Fabric offers is wide with porcelain pales, gearing towards darker tones. All of them contribute to a natural and transparent result, with just the right hint of colour. We also LOVE how it cares for our skin with SPF12.

We were unsure about - It's exclusivity. In Belgium there are few outlets offering Armani cosmetics, in Antwerp and Brussels. The same exclusivity applies for the UK and other European countries and the US. However, we kind of like this...ahhh to feel special and beautiful ;)

To locate stockists go to Giorgio Armani Beauty. RRP: 44 Euro

In Belgium, Giorgio Armani cosmetics can be found at:
Parfuma - Eiermarkt 31, Antwerp
Galeria INNO - Rue Neuve 111, Brussels

Picture: Armani