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Block Colours - Accesorising

If the vibrant block colours set for this summer seem a bit too scary for you, this is how you work one of the strongest trends right now:

In the example above, Michelle Monaghan wears the hottest Versace pink. She teams the look with black statement shoes. This look is not for the fashion-shy and shoes are better the higher they get, especially if you're not too tall, like myself.

Matching the shoes to the dress is another option, and there are plenty of possibilities out there. Zara has some electric blue sandals, if blue is the look, and Oasis can easily boast about a gorgeous pair of pink sandals.

Handbags can also be understated in the form of a black clutch, or check Hive & Co (don't forget the 20% discount code "blog") for some bright-coloured totes.

There is simply no excuse to go bold and bright this if only the weather could pick up on that trend too...

Picture: Rex

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