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Mary Portas, Queen of Charity Shops

Mary Portas is one of Fashion Limbo's all-time idols. She is an icon in the UK in terms of retail branding and communication. She transformed Harvey Nichols into what it is today, one of the biggest fashion stores in London and in the world. Yes, we do love her.

Her newest project involves teaming up with Grazia magazine to run a so called pop-up charity shop in The Village at Westfield London. There have been some really hot donations already (from American Vogue, Harvey Nichols, there is even a Miu Miu number!), but now they are involving the shopping public. They are asking for anything fashionable or wearable to be donated. All the money raised is going to charity, so let's get involved! For more info click here.

When charity shopping,

Always arrive early and if possible find out when the new deliveries arrive. There are real treasures to be found and they fly away fast.

Word-of-mouth is key, and the best charity shops don't really publisize so much, so ask around and get to know the hot areas.

Use your imagination, if the dress you love is a few sizes bigger you can always modify it yourself or take it to a professional and have it adjusted for not that much

Picture: Daily Mail

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