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Sample Sales - How To

Fashion Limbo was invited to a sample sale this last weekend. We came, we saw and we shopped. Oh how we love sample sales!

DO arrive early. The biggest bargains and most unique items disappear fast and soon. Fashionistas are there from the start so there will rarely be any jewels as the sale closes.

DON'T think everything is gold. Sample sales may include some items that, though belonging to a cool brand or designer, remained unsold (and therefore present at this sale) for a reason.

Watch out for dramatic fashion statements as their life-span is short. Remember that what's hot this season may be completely "out" the next.

DO mingle. These events are a great chance to meet fashion lovers like yourself that will provide you with tip-offs for the next secret sales. Sample Sales tend to be "by invitation only" so make sure you know who, when, how and where.

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