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More Bikinis, Please? Etam has the Answer

Ladies and Gentlemen(filakia Costi)...Fashion Limbo went shopping yesterday! And what did we buy? the tiniest yet cutest bikini at Etam.

Etam is where we love to go during the year to discover what trends are big in underwear and during the warmer months their collection of bikinis and bathing suits always has us walking into their stores and hardly ever exiting empty-handed.

We are loving: the "Push-up" models (pictured, lower bikini) because some of us need a wee help

We love even more: the variety in styles and fabrics. Triangle bikinis, bandana tops, low cut etc...There is a lot of choice and our credit cards are very tempted! Colour is key, turquoise blue is omnipresent and so are purple and pink combinations. Black is still there and used in very sexy numbers.

Buy of the day: Etam is suggesting some summer dresses to wear over your bathing suit and the colours are again, bright and beautiful. Grab one before they disappear into summer oblivion.

Picture: Etam

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