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Summer Sandal Wish List

Since Fashion Limbo is a year old now, and it will be this humble writer's birthday soon too, we thought we would compile a sandal wish list. Besides, with this heat-wave, all one can do is lie by a pool and look lovingly trendy.

  1. Givenchy Cut-out shoe boots, 626.99 € at, so deliciously pink it was love at first site.
  2. Roxy Celia sandal, 32 € at Roxy, perfect for lounging by the pool, after a day of walking in high-heels.
  3. Palma Strippy flat sandal, 87 € at, orange and bright, will look fantastic with any LBD or some black harem trousers
  4. Melissa Mystery Bronze Gladiator shoes, 30 € at, so much fun and golden, we simply couldn't resist.

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