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Summer Trend - The Scarf

Summer can be a tad irregular at times with its summer storms and sudden cold breezes, and before you know it you have caught the dreaded summer cold, or your vocal cords are an annoying source of pain. How to remedy this? no, no hot drinks or weird concoctions, but a trendy trend: the summer scarf.
I have a few from last season including prints with stars, others with ethnic patterns, and some bright-coloured Palestinian ones. However my latest summer scarf crush is the pink one pictured above (top and right) which I got from cmarchuska.

In hot pink, a key colour this season, and with a bit of a tie-dye effect making it very bohemian with a chic twist. Made with organic cotton it feels fresh and light and will surely keep me away from the dreaded throat lozenges.

The sales are the perfect opportuniy to grab scarves in a wide array of materials, silk, cotton, etc. Stock up on them and team with the most summery of attires and off you go.

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