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Your Boyfriend/Brother/GBF Makes you Trendy

Yes indeed. We are in a recession and hopefully it will be over soon, but until then fashion means recycling, buying responsibly and stealing (we mean borrowing!!) from your brother, boyfriend or whatever other male element shares your living space. You now share their clothing too! This is how you do it:

Boyfriend jeans: These jeans have been sported for a while by the likes of Katie Holmes (above, centre) and are worn best cropped. The most fashionable example seen recently was in the first episode of the new series of Entourage in which the character played by Emmanuele Chriqui (Sloan) paired them with some stunning heels.

Boyfriend shirt: checked shirts are in and these look lovely with shorts, however white summery shirts like the one worn above by Keira Knightley (pictured left) are also a winning option. If the shirt is too big grab a belt (one of yours, lets not push it) and wear as a dress with some gorgeous platform stilettos. The good news? this trend can be prolonged throughout autumn with a pair of opaque tights.

The tie: ever so sexy and such a statement, paired with fitted shirts, t-shirts for rock-chicks, and with transparencies a lá Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah-Jessica Parker is featured above right), keep them in dark shades to up the elegance factor and do not give them back ;)

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