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Pull and Bear Wants Londoners

Finally!!! London is about to have a taste of Pull and Bear. The young and fresh alternative to Zara, it belongs to the Inditex Group and has more of a denim/boho feel than the its sister Berhska. The new store is opening at 315 Oxford Street (close to Selfridges, on the opposite side) September the 16th. What to expect?

Denim everywhere: the upcoming A/W collection has a general denim feel, very reminiscent of Pepe Jeans. From denim dresses to ripped jeans, straight cuts, etc.

Checks: well, it is the ever-so-present trend, so we know the drill: checked shirts, is all there.

Rock kicks: studs have been a favourite at Pull and Bear for the last seasons, and this year this trend is hitting hard so expect shoe boots, boots and other accessories to harden any girlie look.

Guys: Thick cardigans, grey tones and the essential checks. We have always loved their belts and especially the shoe collection, mostly populated by trendy trainers.

Save the date, and discover Pull and Bear London.

Picture: Pull and Bear

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