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Mango Channels Chanel

My lovely friend Anna took me to Mango this Saturday, and we both loved almost everything we saw. As usual, Mango provides a very feminine and sexy touch to the high street. The most fabulous items reminded us of Chanel, with gorgeous tweed jackets and some handbags that we simply must have, very square and classic.

Almost all major trends are covered in the new catalogue: the pencil leather skirt, leopard prints galore, studs in handbags and gloves, and killer heels to team up with very affordable mini-dresses for a luxurious every day style.

Mango is also catering this season for all rockers out there, with a very urban edge, and is not forgetting about city bohemians, with softer dreamy looks a là Stevie Nicks.

All in all, a very complete collection, but we feel their best achievement is the Chanel tribute they seemed to have aimed for.


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