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Skinny Jeans On Mortals - The Bare Truth

We have all seen her. Skinny Kate Moss, with her skinny jeans: blue, black, white, ripped, stone-washed... we could go on. These jeans are everywhere, from the designer shops, to the "Primarnis" of our time. Little by little, each one of us reticent to the trend fell for it. We discovered how great they look with boots, and some of us felt freakishly tall when paired with heels. However, can the skinny jean win the comfort battle and become a jean to wear with flats?

Kate does it, the loud nineteen-year-old neighbour does it, Miss Beckham could if she only went casual (which is not very often) and Fearne Cotton looks awfully cool in a pair. What about the rest of us?

As I was trying a pair of very fitted dark blue skinny jeans with some ballet pumps, a work colleague assured me I could totally pull off the look. However, fashion-savvy and over-conscious me, was not that sure. It must make me look like a squashed doll, I thought, and as snugly as they felt, I still felt unsure about the overall "visual effect", when wearing flats.

Can stylish be anything we feel comfortable in, however the look? or should we just admit that there are some trends that are not for us, no matter how much we wish them to be?

Some general rules when attempting the skinny jean look:

  1. Stick to dark tones to provide a slimming effect (mine were dark, still unsure)
  2. Wear them with boots, and heels (see? no flat pumps are mentioned... I'm even more unsure)
  3. Team with long/big tops (very hot right now), flowy if you are of a boyish constitution, slinkier if you are curvy.
Still, I'm unclear about the whole thing... thoughts?

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