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Smoky Eyes - How to

The smoky eye is one of those modern classics featuring more and more in the streets rather than at exclusive catwalks. How to work it?

  1. Apply the darkest graphite shade you can find over the lids, and extend it a bit at the sides.
  2. Use a lighter shade and a brush to blend and buff the edges.
  3. Use a kohl to line your eyes, make sure the coverage is complete, and if you have some trouble with the lashes, dot the pencil between them.
  4. No need for much more, just curl the lashes or use transparent colourless mascara, groom brows and wear a clear gloss on the lips. Remember: you don't want to look like a ghost so apply base where needed and highlight your cheeks ever so slightly.
This look is so strong and simple, yet very dramatic, and it works exquisitely well with the girliest of dresses and chic tailored suits.

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