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Fashion Limbo Loves - C.O. Bigelow

A member of the Fashion Limbo team recently came back from New York with a bag full of some goodies we love, and we decided to show and tell.

The C.O Bigelow products are old school, natural beauty and apothecary treatments. Last year we discovered their Mentha Lip Shine, a transparent lip gloss, long lasting and with a fresh mint taste. We are now trying out the other varieties, with cinnamon and spearmint.

Our NYC traveller also brought us the Lemon and Pomegranate Body Wash, that left our skin feeling quite fantastic. The smell when applying the wash is amazing, it turned our shower into a sweet treat, with citrus kicks, refreshing and utterly lovely. The texture is creamy and rich.

There is also a wide range of products for men, such as he Barber Hair and Body Wash, with an exotic blend including vanilla musk and amber, it smells delicious.

We personally adore these products, and you know what's even greater? They are not tested on animals.

To find out more about the Bigelow products click here.
Picture: Fashion Limbo

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