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Cove's 2nd Birthday: precious moments to celebrate

Our sparkling blue eyed boy is always hungry, smiling and calling out his big brother Taj's name!' Cove is a joy to be around. I am grateful everyday for his presence and infectious smile! I loved him before I met him and it was the strength of that love that got us through our first meeting (birth!) God knows I needed every bit of it that day and the days to follow... Love you little 'Covey!' x

1st time mummy held him... I was out of it for a few days so didn't get to straight away :(

Easy to get big belly laughs out of this one!

Cove's first time on a football field... I hope he decides to play soccer instead! ;)

Cove in awe of the crowd and lights!
I don't look very happy here...
I was, very happy, just recovering from pneumonia so a bit exhausted! :)

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