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Thanks to Jen Bishop at The Interiors Addict everyone is having a lovely time on Instagram for 'Interiors Photo Month' or #interiorsphotomonth...

Georg Jensen Pitcher & Bonbonniere from their Legacy range
Wedgewood by Jasper Conran plate

If you aren't already on instagram or participating in photo month, get on it, there is some fantastic inspiration to lust over!

Here are mine so far... enjoy! Follow me when you search 'decor empress'

Sharnell Dollar black bowl
Top 3 Menu jewellery tree
Orson & Blake Cannisters

Flameless candles-great for family homes- safe!


Okay... so this is an exterior but it was the cheapest thing I could find! I had a busy day...
The great outdoors! FREE fresh air and sunrise- perfection!
(Can you spot the Cottesloe shark bait? eek! Some people are so brave!)