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Sail Like a Boss

I've had a whirlwind of events and celebrations this past week and one of them was having the special opportunity to attend a beautiful scenic excursion on the grand Hugo Boss yacht with the incredibly talented and equally charming Alex Thomson, who is one of Britain's most talented sailors.

Of course for me, with the momentous occasion to sail on such a professional yacht with some fabulous company I debated and flustered myself for hours just to have the perfect nautical outfit, but it was certainly worth it because I had the best time ever—I got to steer the yacht, prance around on deck taking photos, chat to anyone who would listen to me, drink some delicious cider and just enjoy the spectacular views my hometown had to offer.

This is definitely one experience I will never forget during my time living here in Vancouver.

Photographs courtesy of Mitchell Fawcett and Laura Cropper.

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