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Wellness Wednesday: Guest Post, Lemon Garlic Elixir

Garlic Elixir Guest Post by Marion Egger of Health Junction

Lemon-Garlic Elixir:

This is an old recipe from Germany, a popular natural remedy and folk medicine. You can recreate this recipe easily at home. It is a great and effective all-round cleansing tonic and natural remedy that supports the immune system. Garlic has long been used for the prevention of infections, colds and flu and so has the lemon.
As all citruses are bountiful and in season at the moment, it is the perfect time to get into them and I hope you stock up on fresh Vitamin C every day! To make the Lemon-Garlic Elixir you will need:
4 organic heads of garlic (40 cloves) 4 organic lemons with skin 2 liters of the best water Detailed recipe at Health Junction
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Enjoy the rain, keep warm and snuggle up :) Marion

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