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Boys Want to Have Fun with Over The Knee Boots too!

Scratch the fact that Raquel Zimmermann is androgynous playing both the male and female model counterparts, but OVER THE KNEE BOOTS for MEN?! I just about died in lust when I saw this new F/W 09.10 campaign for Jean Paul Gaultier. Being the major boot scavenger myself and owning about over 10 pairs and still wanting more, Gaultier has literally given us fashion Misters out there the possibility of wearing OTK boots without looking like a complete tranny.

May lord bless him, because I can still recall some death stares and hisses when I first tried pulling off the OTK boot look. Whatever, bitches were probably just jealous because I don’t have fat donut legs and are able to pull the entire boot up with ease and without and any cooking grease for help!
So boysssssssss, you betta werkkkkkkkk!

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