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Nothing Short of Anything

Blazer: GUY LAROCHE. Tank: TOPMAN. Shorts: H&M. Belt: H&M. Shoes: JOHN FLUEVOG. Clutch: LOUIS VUITTON. Aviators: GUCCI. Watch: MICHAEL KORS.

I'm aware that these shorts are about 6 inches shorter than the average guy's pair but I'm perfectly content about it because I'm anything but normal—my shrink can vouch for that. *ahem*

I have a friend who has this same pair of shorts in the exact same size thats pictured above, but it looks completely different on him than it does on me.... well DUH. I'm like half a foot taller than he is, so my long ogre-like spider legs make these shorts look like booty shorts while instead for my friend, they look like capris.

Anyways, I'm cramming as many wears of anything summer & shorts while I can right now since Vancouver's summer weather is a month behind schedule.

With my fingers tightly crossed, I hope the warm weather sticks around longer in city.

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