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The Starving Stylist Goes to a Football Game!

Leaving my designer clutch at home and trading in my skinny jeans for a pair of loose fitting straight legged denims for a night, I attended the BC Lions football game for the first time and OF COURSE because it’s the story of my life, I stuck out of the crowd like a sore thumb.

I might have spent more time toying around with my BlackBerry and fixing my hair than watching the actual football game but I definitely enjoyed the experience. Actually, I had more fun evaluating and analyzing everything that was around me. Distasteful outfits, the bored girlfriend, the outrageously drunk fan, the cute father & daughter bonding, the red-neck hicks and the Gotti dressed douche monkeys. But my favourite is the “Bro Bonding ”.

“That’s my Bro y’all, we ain’t togetha aiiiiiite?”

So I guess the bro thing to do when you’re at a game is to sit one seat apart from one another with an empty seat in the middle to validate the fact that you are not “together ”. I saw this come about more than a handful of times in EVERY direction from where I sat. It's as though all these alpha males had to prove the fact that they were straight. C'mon now, nothing screams "I am NOT a raging homo " than a raging football game!

Sure there’s an abundance of empty seats everywhere and people can basically sit, lie, die or shit anywhere they wished or pleased, but c’mon boys, you wouldn’t have to shout back and forth over the loud announcer if you just sat next to one another because honestly as I sit directly behind you, I could give a rats ass about your shitty job at the office or your girlfriend’s yeast infection!
So stop shouting !

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