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We're not always OK

FASHION 156: The Tailored Issue. Photography by Rupert Tapper/ Styled by Guy Hipwell
Photos courtesy of Fashion 156.

Whether you're hiding your tired eyes through a pair of black, thick framed Dior shades or adding another layer of collagen infused lip plumper to mask your frown, do whatever makes you happy. Don't rely on anyone's opinion or judgements—it's you that has control of what you want to make of it.

I am not ashamed to say that I hide behind a visage of fancy clothes—It's my protection, my shield—It's what makes me comfortable with who I am and I'm not about to change any of that anytime soon.

We're all human, some bitchier like myself more so than others, but we're all just as vulnerable when you're left stripped to the core. So please think twice before you pass any sort of negative judgement on anyone you don't even know.

Just sayin'.

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