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Wellness Wednesday: 10 easy ways to inject a little 'Eco' in to your life today

Wellness Wednesday: 10 easy ways to get Eco today

1. Ditch the microwave! It uses power, it's bad for your health and ruins the nutrients in food!

2. Grow a veggie garden- saves on food miles! Your local farmers market is a good substitute too!
Organic food is so much better for you and the environment because if many reasons!

3. Use reusable lunch and snack bakes for your/kids lunches

4. Have a no plastic rule in your pantry- BPA free, last a lot longer and keeps food much more fresh!

5. Glass coffee cups/smoothie cups and straws- Biome have great glass straws and the cups the boys use!

Taj with a Biome glass straw for his green smoothie!

6. Turn off electrics at the power point when not in use, especially your wi-fi of a night- at least give
your body a rest from wi-fi electrical transmissions during sleep, it's really not good for our health!

7. Shop with reusable bags? What about when your buying fruit? You still use those little plastic bags, right!? Try this awesome solution from wrap it, snack it, pack it!

8. Clean with Enjo/ essential oils- saves toxic cleaning products from being washed into our waterways and so much cheaper in the long run too!

9. Get on Pinterest- always printing off images of your favourite recipes or house ideas!? 'Pin it' instead!

10. Read your favourite mags online with an iPhone app or check out some FREE & amazing online magazines available like interior mag, Adore!

Source: via patricia on Pinterest

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