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My 'Homecoming' a.k.a. Blanche Macdonald 2009 Grad Fashion Show

Being a former Fashion Merchandising graduate that I am at Blanche Macdonald Centre in Downtown Vancouver, I was absolutely delighted to attend this year’s grad fashion show...well...mainly for the fact that I had received VIP/Media passes and sat directly in front row, alongside with my two best friends and beside fab local fashion designer, Jason Matlo.

Taking place at the lavish Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, 49 graduating students showcased three designs each with models strutting trotting down the runway in the grand ballroom that was at full capacity with eager viewers. I constantly thank my three glasses of red wine that I had during the show that kept me calm and at ease since I had the irritating urge to shove a model off the runway and then strapping on a pair of 6 inch stilettos and showing her how it’s supposed to be done since barely any of them could even remotely fierce a walk.

The fashion show, even though it was quite lengthy, flowed superbly smooth and was very well executed. As for the clothing collections, many of them were extremely impressive and if given the right opportunity, could possibly rival actual well-established design houses because it was so great. But as for unfortunate others whose collections had me rolling my eyes back till I went blind, I hope fashion school was just a hobby and that mommy and daddy paid for schooling because it would be a huge waste of money if the only thing you learned how to do was to throw some tulle on a curtain and call it a dress !

As the fashion show came to an end and with a BIG sigh of relief that I could finally get up and go to the washroom, somewhere in my cold-blooded soul smiled and was glad that I attended tonight’s grad show. Seeing so many familiar faces, welcoming smiles and adoring instructors that once taught me, made me realize how much I miss schooling at Blanche Macdonald and how incredible the learning experience was. A grad fashion to others it may be, but it was like a homecoming event for me.

Congratulations to the 2009 Fashion Design Class at Blanche Macdonald!

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