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All I Want for Christmas and a Bag of Chips

Dear Sugar Daddy...*ahem*.. I mean SANTA,

I know that I’m on top of your NAUGHTY list (again ) where you have my name bolded, highlighted and circled for your attention. I’ve been a greedy bastard all year, but that’s not going to stop me from asking demanding the following things I WANT for Christmas this year. Besides, I’ve unselfishly made my Holiday Wish List substantially more affordable and attainable this year when compared to the years before!

Wishing for peace on earth ? You can start that by spoiling me with a new designer handbag because I’m sure that will keep me quiet and less volatile, without the urge to set the city block on fire. Anyways, I pinky swear to be a smidgen nicer next year, okay?
Thank you much, love ya.


1) Burberry Modern Fit Trench Coat in Dark Mushroom (size 38R). $1,295
2) ToyWatch Heavy Metal Plasteramic Watch in Silver Chrono White. $375
3) David Yurman 14mm Black Onyx Split-Shank Albion Ring (size 8). $575
4) Bose Sound Dock - Series II Digital Music System in Silver. $279
5) The Prada Book. $125
6) Louis Vuitton Medium Ring Agenda in EPI Rubis Coloured Leather. $555
7) La Mer The Hand Treatment. $100
8) Jo Malone London Grapefruit Cologne $120
9) Slow & Steady Wins The Race - No.19 Luxe 4-sided Birkin Bag. $1,150
10) Yves Saint Laurent Zabriskie 2.5inch Heeled Boots in Black Leather (size 10). $895

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