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Hawaii... our early 5 year Anniversary holiday!

5 years! When I got engaged at 22 I never thought I would be 6 years down this journey and have been through so many adventures and rich experiences of growth...
I knew I would have a couple of children already. Adam couldn't wait and neither could I. It wasn't something I had always planned to a schedule but when you know, you know. Especially when I knew I had so much love and support! I am so blessed to have two healthy and happy little boys.

Here's some instagram snaps of our 5 year anniversary holiday... lots of Love!!!!!!
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We met some Dolphins that had been rescued after an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

We spent time together away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life!

I did a tiny bit of shopping. I actually wasn't all that interested...
but I did purchase something out of the ordinary for me!

Frilly, floral... not my normal choice but I always buy odd things on holidays...

The foyer of The Kahala

Fluro! Victoria's Secret! I did walk away with a few huge bags of VS goodies!

Wholefoods, organic love!

The Moana Surfrider

NOBU Rock Shrimp!!!

We are now in the process of just moving back to Melbourne from Perth. Our house in Cottesloe is up for Sale/Rent. You will see the pics soon. I have already found a house, in the location I love and made an offer before the Auction... we got it!!!!!! So thrilled & grateful!

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