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I Want to Ride on Her Disco Stick

Lady Gaga for Elle Magazine January 2010 by Tom Munro

No words could possibly describe how much I love this disco-stick-humping bitch. I swear to lord that every single possible homo out there in this world and their fag-hags love Lady Gaga. From her incredible works of music and performing to her amazingly ridiculous fashions down to her ability to act as a public figure, she is the definition of what we call undoubted talent. So if I were to die, reincarnate and inherit their closet, lord bloody hell damn it better be this bitch.

Anyways, I’ll be busting out my poker face in about 24 hours for Gaga’s final concert in Vancouver on Friday night. I’m so EXCITED that I’m just a twitch away from wetting myself. I have absolutely NO idea what I will be sporting to the concert but I have an urge to rip my 4-year-old niece’s Hello Kitty plush toy’s head off and duck taping it to my forehead... Walk, walk fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy!... totally Lady Gaga Couture no?

So any suggestions what I should wear then?

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