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Toggle Coat: SHADES OF GREY. Sportshirt: HAUSE OF HOWE. Cardigan: H&M. Pants: MARC BY MARC JACOBS. Boots: FLUEVOG. Bag: MULBERRY.

I'm often asked by many about my collection of designer bags and how I care for them.

Since I am a complete neat freak with a serious case of OCD, I spray and condition all of my leather goods (bags, wallets, shoes, etc.) with a protector. I "don't have a super social life" so I sometimes spend my Friday nights at home alone, buffing my shoes and cleaning my bags like a widowed old woman polishing her silverware with her 5 cats.

I recently started using "Style 16 Protector" by Tana because my last protecting spray became banned in North America. Amazing as it might have been, it would have been too much of a hassle like smuggling illegal immigrants across the boarder to get my hands on that can of aerosol, so I switched.

While I use a protector, which helps repel the elements like rain and also helps resist stains I also use Tana's Leather Lotion to help gently clean and condition the leather which prevents the leather from drying and cracking.

I know, I'm a little obsessive and I treat my leather goods like if they were my children or maybe even better if I were to have any kids of my own that is. I just figure, if i'm going to invest good money on something, you best believe I'm going to take good care of it and milk as much usage out of it in my lifetime to get my money's worth.

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