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Too much of anything is good for nothing

Wool coat: ZARA. Shirt: H&M. Jeans: MOSCHINO. Penny loafers: COLE HAAN. Socks: MISSONIxTARGET.

Fake eyeglasses have become quite a fashion trend over the years but let this be known that mine are actually real, lens prescribed and Tom Ford–I'm blind as a bat without my glasses or contact lenses.

Most people like myself who actually have vision problems think that eye glasses are the most annoying-get-in-your-way thing ever! Ergo, having contact lenses instead, but even that is a major bitch with its constant maintenance.

Remember as a kid when your mother used to warn you not to make constant silly faces because your face will end up staying like that? Yes well, being the giant prick that I am, I would tell people who constantly wore fake eyeglasses the same thing and that their vision will soon go bad if they continued to wear them. Mhmm.

I'm not a bitch. I'm just honest.

Photographs taken by Lily of Bleed For Fashion.

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