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A Toast to 2013

2013, has definitely been the most life changing year by far in my lifetime—I lived, laughed, fell in love and had my heart broken. I also made incredible bonds with many amazing individuals and experienced a lifestyle many could only dream of. I was spoiled.

2013 was the also the year of change, as in the year I packed my Prada bags and moved across an entire nation to start a new life in a complete brand new city leaving behind so many I will always love back home. And with that said, it was also the year of learning—The year I learned a lot about myself and what I was capable of doing.

I sincerely bid adieu to the wonderful memories 2013 has given me and I warmly welcome what 2014 is about to bring—So bring it on, hit me with your best shot.

Happy New Years Everyone, much love from me to you and your loved ones.


Peter Ty.

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