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I love Prada as much as my love Dim Sum

Prada Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 shot by Hedi Slimane

Boys take note and ladies be ready to preach to your loves, the Prada Men’s Spring Summer 2010 collection is one of the few sets this season that define what any professional looking man should look like—simple and polished. And mark my words; if I could trade in my entire wardrobe along with an internal organ for just one half of that collection, I would...and would die happy !

With absolute sleek perforated details, sharp tailoring and polished classics—I didn’t see anything in the collection that was not timeless. Every garment could be worn for a lifetime but at the same time it was still very modernized and chic. Trends constantly come and go like pathetically unfulfilled New Year resolutions but the Men’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection for Prada is an instant classic, just like your Chanel 2.55 purse that you starved yourself into anorexia in order to be able to afford.

So, which collection caught your attention this season?

p.s. Did y’all enter the STARVING FOR DIOR contest with me yet?

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