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I own this shit all week

Blazer: GAP. Scarf: H&M. Wallet: LOUIS VUITTON. Watch: MICHAEL KORS. Aviators: GUCCI.

These snap shots were taken last weekend by the beautiful Alex and the lovely Matina during our brunch (or what I like to call "B&B"—"Bitching & Brunch"), which also included my favourite girl, Lily.

The weekend for me or what I like to think, is the time of complete indulgence—I eat like a heffer, sleep like I'm dead, spend like I've won the lottery and play like a champ. When you work 45 hours (even more at times) a week like I do, the time you can have off to yourself is beyond precious, it's actually what I believe is more valuable than a coveted Birkin—But don't get me wrong, I would still trade one of my internal organs for that bag if I was given the oportunity.

Everytime I am asked how my weekend was by others, my answer is always, "wonderful". I could have done absolutely dick all nothing besides eat a bag of chips and tweeze my eyebrows, but my weekend would still be wonderful because I didn't have to work and it was my free time to spend however I wanted. Free time is a simple thing that is often taken for granted, but really it's those simple things that make our lives appreciative.

How do you guys spend your free time?

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