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Just Leather & No Lace

Leather Blazer: ZARA. Shirt & Cardigan Vest: AMERICAN APPAREL. Jeans: DIESEL. Boots: ZARA. Scarf: DIESEL BLACK GOLD. Gloves: H&M. Bag: ALEXANDER WANG.

Hard to tell in the photograph but with so much leather incorporated in this outfit from the fitted blazer to the polished boots down to the gloves and of course the beloved bag, I’m glad I didn’t come off looking like a bourbon drinking, diesel bull dyke with a bike.

I love my leather goods like I love my shopping sales at Barney’s New York and Nordstroms. I don’t have a fetish for leather unless it involves Louis Vuitton classics and Hermes pieces worth more than my home. I just enjoy the thrill of luxury that it brings to material goods. To the suppleness of the skin to the fine fabrication, quality leather goods are definitely worth investing and my Alexander Wang bag pictured here is one of my investments that could voucher for that.

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