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My New Home is Where the Heart is

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's Tribeca Loft in Manhattan

Excuse the lack of blog updates in the past week. I've been more than frantically busy with packing and moving into my new home. Instead of spoiling myself with fancy clothes and designer shoes over the holidays, I was busy buying bed linens and shower curtains. I still don't have a couch or a coffee table…and my freaking bed doesn't get delivered until the following weekend—whoever said air beds are comfy must have a spine of steel.

My mum used to say that at the rate of my materialistic spending, I would be homeless living out of my Prada bags for the rest of my life…but what she should have said was that I was going to be in an empty home with no furnishing. Well maybe I can stack all my shoe boxes and turn it into a coffee table or something?–Très Avant Garde? Non?

Happy 2011.

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