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Not So Starving

TOPMAN leather biker jacket; GAP cable knit sweater; UNIGLO oxford button down collared shirt; DOCKERS camouflage print cotton chinos; JOHN FLUEVOG boots; DIOR HOMME black acetate sunglasses.

I've been sabotaged this past winter holiday.

I was gifted chocolate truffles instead of Chanel tweeds and shortbread cookies instead of Saint Laurent knits. I devoured every decadent and sugary treat presented to me and now I'm paying the price by not being able to fit into my black skinny jeans. I hate to say this but, I chose high-calorie instead of high-fashion... Monsieur Christian Dior & Madame Gabrielle Chanel would probably give me the biggest ashamed eye roll from the grave if they heard word of this.

My sacrilegious actions are unforgivable but I swear, on my brand new quilted red Chanel clutch that I will not start replacing my jeans and trousers for stretchy yoga-wear and sweatpants for comfort if I gain—Lord Forbid—any more weight.


Ergo, along with the ever so flattering, the colour black, I will also be sporting a lot of camouflage like my outfit in the photos above so my recent weight gain isn't as noticeable. Fake it to you make it? Well in this case, blend in till you can't see it!

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