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Ringing in 2010 with some MEAVAGE

Double Breasted Blazer: GUY LAROCHE. Tank: VINCE. Jeans: ACNE. Shoes: PRADA.

Call me a SLUT, but no matter what the season, I’m all about exposed ankles, wrists, collar bones and of course MEAVAGE, better known as man-cleavage.

Not to be mistaken for man boobs, meavage is usually formed by prominent pectoral muscles, which I pathetically have little of. It’s quite a risqué look and definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE. Expect a lot of attention, whether it’s good or bad because like what my good girlfriend would say, “If you got it, flaunt it! ” But then again, I am taking advice from a bitchy blonde with looks that could rival Barbie and boobs the size of basketballs, so I might have to do some reevaluating.

p.s. Yes, it was bloody fucking cold if you were wondering! I obviously have a ridiculous floor-length overcoat hidden in the background to keep me warm but since I’m parading around like buffoon, I’ll just have to make do and suck it up.

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