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some glue, a dragon & me

Well over a year ago I won a fast and furious bid for a large piece of Chiang Mai Dragon fabric (in duck egg). It is even more gorgeous in the flesh than I had imagined. I tried it in various rooms in the house but didn't settle on anywhere in particular. Then I had my second son... that's when the fabric went in the cupboard and stayed there for far too long!

Fast forward to a week ago. Some inspiration suddenly hit. I had just received my KWID Imperial Trellis cushions that I bought from Milk and Cookies on Etsy and here's what happened...

Here's the before:

And some after shots:

A tip for Aussie readers - the drum shades are $19.99 from Target!

For those of you with great vision or super large computer monitors may notice that I forgot to take off the masking tape from the right lamp shade in my hurry to snap some pictures... it's real life here, folks!

A very easy project, just glue and scissors! Thanks to Janell from Isabella and Max rooms who posted a fantastic tutorial on how to cover lamp shades. Click here if you would like to do the same:

The remainder of the fabric will be used to make cushions in my family room. When I finally dig out my sewing machine, I'll post a few pictures of those as well!

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