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The STARVING Astrologist

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With nothing else better to do with my so-called-fabulous life, I have recently picked up an amusing obsession for astrology. Skeptic or not, without a doubt the study of astrology and horoscope reading is pretty interesting.

Me, being born a Cancer sign got the complete shitty end of the stick, which explains why I’m so damn bloody emotional all the time! Cancers, like a crab have a rock hard exterior but we’re complete soft mushes deep-down inside our shells, but that doesn’t mean we won’t bitch slap you and rip you a new one if you ever wrongfully crossed us. It just means that we’re sensitive but extra feisty.

Anyways, so since my fashion career seems to be going down the drain faster than dishwasher fluid, maybe I should shift gears and try the WHORESCOPE reading business? Ummmm okay maybe NOT because I would make an ugly Miss Cleo in my belted and floral printed muumuu. On a side note: I’m on the prowl for any SCORPIOS out there! So hollaaaaaa !

So, what's your horoscope sign?


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