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A Starving Stylist Cardinal Rule #2

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A Starving Stylist Cardinal Rule #2: Thou shall NOT place a designer handbag on public grounds.

It may sound silly to many, but never EVERRRR would I place any of my beloved designer handbags on the FILTH -ridden floor grounds of any public area. Give it to your assistant, BITCH or friend to hold on to when you are in need of both hands but never should you place your Louis, Chanel, Prada or your Birkin on the ground unless you had a loaded gun pointed to your head by a heroin addict of a robber.

When I say designer handbag, I am referring to any major luxury brand name handbag. It is generally European made and NOT mass produced by the millions in a sweat factory in China because if that was the case, by all means toss your purse on the floor and nearer to the trash can, where the quality of it is equivalent to.

My designer handbags are like my babies. I respect and treat them all with utmost care. Each and every single one of them cost more than about 2 months house rent, so why would I ever want to treat something I worked so hard for so poorly? Besides the value, it’s mainly about prestige. Unless you had money coming out of your ass to set on fire just for fun, I would immediately assume a bag was fake if I were to ever catch a person chuck it around as though it was a rag doll.

I’ve busted my ass and skipped meals to be able to afford the things I have, so for me, I take pride in the things I own by treating it with respect and if you agree you should all do so too.

So, how do you treat your bags?

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