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ZARA quilted moto jacket, sweater & beanie; DSQUARED faded washed denim jeans; G-STAR RAW Patton IV Cavalry cuff black leather boots; GUCCI gold aviators; MIANSAI reeve brass cuff bracelet.

As many of you might have noticed, my blogging on The Starving Stylist went on a break... but so did my life.

During my hiatus, I headed back home to Vancouver for a much needed visit to be with my family and my best of friends.

I believe the first thing my mother said to me when had just gotten off the plane from Toronto was basically (many of you with Asian parents can relate), "You're so skinny! Eat something! Are you eating? So skinny. No good." So with that said, my mother fattened me up with some of my favourite Vietnamese meals that she prepared from the heart which I happily binged on.

Also during my visit, I was happy to be able to catch up with many of the great friendships I had created in the past. I have to admit, I have some amazing friends—You know how great they are when you're able to pick up where you last left off as though no time or distance has ever been in-between them and yourself.

My visit to Vancouver was like a recharge for my soul, which I needed but I'm happy to be back where I belong right now, in Toronto. So with that being said, The Starving Stylist will now be back to it's regular programming... or should I say blogging ;)

Peter Ty xx

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