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Family friendly, modern, 'in vogue' interior design with kids!

Initially a Fashion Boutique owner and designer from 20 years of age, my world changed when I got married and decided to start a family. Suddenly clothes didn't have a great deal of importance to me anymore, they felt superficial compared to the immense love I felt for my family. Two ACTIVE baby boys Mr T (aka Tornado) and Mr C (aka Cyclone) and a move from one side of Australia to the other I found myself returning to my passions in design.

My family's health is very important to me and so a natural, Eco friendly and healthy home is something I seek to create and share with you. I don't however, want to become obsessed, overwhelmed or feel guilty (don't we put enough pressure on ourselves as parents!?) without aesthetically affecting my home's overall look.

I am home, A LOT, and therefore I want to feel surrounded by things that I love... luxurious fabrics,modern accents and I try to not be afraid of my destructive duo shattering my joy, literally- into a thousand pieces! That's harsh, they really are wonderful listeners and well behaved little angels but accidents happen (half the time by myself) and I try to let my kids, be kids!
Frustrating, challenging & wondrously exciting for any creative, design loving Mum or Dad who wants to have a home that is their dream style. Hopefully this can be achieved whilst keeping in mind our active, destructive & amazing little creatures (our children).

You will see my personal style is RELAXED LUXURY. I like many genres of style but I particularly adore dramatic, monochromatic black and white interiors, modern, contemporary, mixing metals- gold, silver (nickel, brass etc.) classic Hampton style (mouldings... instant glamour!) I also have a collection of coral & shells (as we live by the beach,) mirrored furniture (so versatile,) Driftwood furniture (again, inspired by living near the beach,) decorative statement pillows and photo's everywhere- a house is just not a home without photo's adorning the walls... oh, and art of course! I have a soft spot (my husband would argue it's a lot more of a 'soft' spot, hehe) for Missoni- who doesn't!?

Instagram pic... follow me, search 'decorempress' Weekly posts:
Mondays Design Inspiration: Designers, artist, objects and trends that are currently inspiring me..

Transforming Tuesday: Follow me decorating my new but temporary (not planning on being in this one for more than 5 years)

Wellness Wednesday: my personal body, soul and food faves!

Thursday: Random guest posts, images, affirmations and kids stuff!

Weekend Lust: What purchases, holidays, events and more that I am lusting over this weekend...

Modern, 'in Vogue' designs, child friendly interiors... unachievable?!
Join me on my journey of creating my own stylish sanctuary whilst sharing ideas, inspiration and other important Eco aspects of family home living!

This year (2012( I look forward to watching trends like...
Organic & greens
Eco, upcycling & metals
Pops of colour and again, upcycling
Touches of lilac and blues. Oh and I can't forget Tangerine Tango-although, Orange hues are not normally my favourites but with my love of neutral greys I'm convinced- Orange & Grey blend together perfectly!
Loving this trend! Especially as I adore good quality markets and online shops like Etsy & Made-it.

I hope my (almost) daily posts will keep you inspired to live a healthy, eco and luxurious life!

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