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It's a Toy Story: My son's 3rd Birthday Party, Part 1 of 4

It has been done a million times but when my son (turning 3 years old) asked for a 'Toy Story' party, that is what I gave him!
I kept with the traditional colours and theme so that he and his little friends could relate to it as much as possible. Afterall, it was HIS party, not mine, I didn't want to let my nagging itch for decorating and design to take over his big day! It was a little tough, I must admit! ;) As a friend reminded me though, sometimes you look at kids parties and wonder who enjoyed the process more, the Mum for her work (& compliments) or the child.

Here are a few little details to give you a taste...

He had so much fun preparing, little by little, 6 months leading up to his big day! This helped him to get excited and understand what Birthday's are all about... at two years old they are just getting their head around the whole concept of waiting one WHOLE year fot their next birthday. He has already put his order in for the next theme mind you- which is likely to change, monthly!

I tried to involve Taj as much as possible. I let him cut and paste making decorations. He helped bake the cake and even did the icing around the edges, a little wonky as you will see... but that's what makes it perfect!

More images and information to come :)

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