NYC Style Spot + [Spoiling Purchases]


A new handbag for the brand new year.

A new handbag as a minor remedy for inconsolable sentiments that still haunt me till this day.

A new handbag to swagger into work and let others know that there’s a new BITCH in the office and that they’re not here to fuck around.

A new handbag to stash my belongings when I runaway and move to New York to live fabulously.

A new handbag as an indication that I’m perfectly content being on my own and satisfying my own personal needs.

These are ALL my reasons I’ll have to keep telling myself over and over again while I eat nothing but instant noodles from a cup for the next two months in order to afford to pay off this newly bought Louis.

p.s. MUCHO GRACIAS for all the lovely comments and sweet emails from all my loyal readers in the past week. I apologize on the lagging of the responses and I promise I’ll get back to all of you as soon as possible... and hopefully it will be before my next credit card payment is due, which is verrrrrrrry soon.