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New beginnings... a move back to Melbourne!

We have just settled in to our new home! It is so wonderful to be near close family and friends again... you just can't put a price on it! I am missing the very dear and amazing friends we met in Perth but I hope to keep in touch often. I even hope to live in Perth again one day, crazy, I know but the beach has my heart!

With family support I am back to studying and expanding my knowledge in Health & Wellness. I am truly passionate about Children's Health, follow me at 'supernaturalkids' on Instagram. I have been on for a few weeks now and have almost 2k lovely followers. I have received many heart warming emails from some people already, thank you to those who have taken the time to support my love of helping and inspiring others!

On a materialistic and much less important note I have been divulging in a little online shopping for my new house. Although my interest in interiors, compared to health & divine happiness, is zilch right now I have finally found an online trade only store for my favourite style... yes, it has to be obvious by now, Hollywood Glamour (Regency.) In Australia, it should be called Greg Natale style - you know, my favourite designer!

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