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To Tie up Loose Ends

GAP canvas military jacket; AMERICAN APPAREL chambray long sleeve button-down shirt; PAUL SMITH woven wool and silk tie; HAWKINGS MCGILL vest; DIESEL 'Poiak' tapered leg fitted jeans; DSQUARED2 wing-tip leather boots; LOUIS VUITTON monogram clutch; TATEOSSIAN LONDON beaded bracelets.

Truth be told, I don't ever wear neck-ties. This is probably the first time I have EVER been pictured with a neck-tie on my blog. I'm actually quite shocked I even own one at all for that matter!

It's not because I don't like them, I just never had much of a desire to incorporate one with my look—It looks wonderful and compliments others fabulously though! It just isn't much my personal style thats all.

Like some people prefer sweets over savory, or Louis over Gucci, I just prefer unbuttoned and loose over tie and tight.

Photographs taken by Ashley M.

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