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Why try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?

Blazer: H&M. Sweater: GAP. Shirt: GAP. Jeans: NUDIE. Boots: FLUEVOG. Belt: H&M. Scarf: DIESEL BLACK GOLD. Portfolio: BURBERRY. Watch: MICHAEL KORS.

I rarely ever wear colour but when I do, you can bet your bottom dollars that I will pick something that will stand out and hopefully not in a painful sore thumb sort of way. *crosses fingers*

And truth be told, I am an honest believer that the colours you wear affect your mood. Despite the fact that I have the same expression of "pretentious bitch" in this photo…well in ALL of my photos on this blog actually, I was actually feeling…happy in this orange sweater. But then again, it was pay day at work when this outfit was worn and who wouldn't be happy to have some money coming into their bank account.