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Bitch Slapped by Economic Recession

Looks like this Starving Stylist is literally going to be starving in order to pay off his piling bills. Sure, the economy is currently going down the shitter, but it never occurred to my materialistic brain that it will eventually come around and bitch slap me across the face, only to leave me jobless and in debt. So, like a hooker with no clients, I am desperately seeking for a job.

As a last resort when I still can’t find a job, don’t be so surprised when you see me taking your orders at McDonalds’ mmmmmmmmmmmkay? “Gurllllll, yo sure yo wanna be supersizen dat meal? Coz’ reallyyyyyy, I dun’t thinkin yo should be doin dat!” or “NO, you kant havin no meal here, so yo betta take dat to go!” or even “Yo ain’t getting no free smile herrre, so yo best not be orderin dat!”



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